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Meet The Team

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Madeleine Jones

Director, Writer

a theater maker and filmmaker who grew up in the aisles and on the stage of a university theater. She has a deep interest in representing women-based stories and creating work with thoughtful intention. She holds a BA in Theater with a Musical Theater Focus, Dance Minor and certificate in Intermediate - Low German from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is currently studying for her MA in Directing Film from MET Film School Berlin. During the pandemic, she took the time to re-evaluate her creative journey, writing novels, teaching Storytelling on Zoom, making short films, hiking, and managing at a local art gallery/coffee shop. Being able to give back to the public is at the top of her priorities in her long-term career. As someone who was deeply supported and influenced by her family, hometown artists, and the global creative community, she would like to offer a sense of hope in the future, as she was given for so many years.

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Maeve Coffey 


a cinematographer and storyteller. She has a specific interest in lighting since her undergraduate degree with University of Chichester, where she received a degree in film production and screenwriting. Maeve is a confident woman proud to communicate her creative vision, while also open to learning from new experiences to gain more practical knowledge. She enjoys a wide variety of film genres, but appreciates the stylistic ones that clearly had a great deal of thought behind them. She also enjoys period inspired elements in film, such as setting, costume, and visuals. Maeve is currently studying for her MA in cinematography from MET Film School Berlin. 

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Hannah Pearson

Associate Producer, Script Supervisor

a freelance writer working toward her MA at MetFilm in Berlin, Germany. She received a BA from the University of Central Arkansas in 2013, double majoring in History and Religious Studies. Hannah has worn various hats in many fields, including book trading, teaching, and administration for a tech company.  Nowadays she’s going all in on her writing aspirations. She co-created Tellyfish in 2020 with childhood friend and writing partner, Susannah Stengel, to showcase their portfolio and provide a platform to talk about all things TV. Hannah will jump at any opportunity to rehash last night’s episode, discuss cultural and historical importance of television’s past, and help people find the perfect show to watch next! Along with Tellyfish, Hannah is creating a new SaSS project for screenwriters, writing a novel about her solo trip around the world, and rolling up her sleeves on some indie/student films. Outside her passion for television and writing, Hannah’s life includes being the mother to an amazing little girl and trying to navigate Expat life!

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